Business set-up in Montenegro

If you are about to establish a business in Montenegro, we can assist you!

Business set-up process in Montenegro requires expert advisor, to full-fill all required procedures and documentation. In general, procedure is very smooth and requires up to 10 working days for company’s registration approval. 


In partnership with our consultancy company Capital Investors LLC we provide a BUSINESS-SET UP package that includes:

  • Registration and approval of company’s name
  • Preparation, translation and notarization of Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Drafting all required found documents such as: Founder’s Decision (Contract), Article of Association etc.
  • Submission of documents to the Central Registry of Legal Entities of Montenegro
  • Registration for VAT or other required licenses
  • Preparation of Stamp and other digital certificates 
  • Appointment and registration of company’s Director
  • Other activities required to complete registration process successfully


As soon as the registration of your company is complete, the Certificate of Registration will be issued by the responsible governing body.

After successful company registration, company has to open a bank-account in Montenegrin bank. 


All documents issued by the Montenegrin Authorities are in Montenegrin language, but we will proceed with translation in the preferred language per request.

Our service partner – Capital Investors LLC

Capital Investors is unique regional advisory company. Their expertise is in financial and corporate management, with focus on delivery of sustainable solutions in accordance with highest international standards. After 10+ years of international experience and knowledge of the local market and procedures, they united under one roof to offer solutions that can meet the hardest economic and political challenges of the century.